Mint School Supplies for Miami Public School Students with CityPacks

During the Month of September, CityPacks 001 Collection Funds will be directed to helping children stock up for a successful school year.

Gear Up with CityPacks

It's that time of the year again, and together we can help solidify a great start and ensure that hundreds of students have the supplies they need to be successful in the classroom!

Mint a CityPacks NFT

CityPacks 001 is an NFT Collection of unique 3D illustrated backpacks living on the Stacks blockchain, with the mechanism to fund the Educational Programs for FNEI, the direct-support organization for Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Fund school supplies for Miami-Dade Public School Students

By minting CityPack NFT, you will be helping provide school supplies for the students of Miami-Dade County. - bridging the gap between collectibles and social good.

The math is pretty simple :)

Every 3 CityPacks = 1 Elementary School Student

15 CityPacks = 5 Elementary School Students

30 CityPacks = 10 Elementary School Students

60 CityPacks = An Entire Classroom!

150 CityPacks = 100 Elementary School Students

1200 CityPacks = A whole Elementary School!

We are committed to making sure all children have what they need to be successful in the classroom and we hope you'll join us in this effort

By minting a CityPack NFT, you will be helping provide school supplies for hundreds of public students of Miami-Dade County. You will also become a member of our exciting community and join our mission to build a better future for all students.


Sponsor a child, a classroom, or a whole school

Help support our students and maximize our community donations, consider becoming a corporate sponsor or community partner -


Community Raffle!

CityPacks Holders will automatically enter the Community Raffle to win exclusive 1:1s, free NFTs and airdrops, thanks to our superb Stacks NFT community partners!

Community Partners

Thank you for helping to ensure kids in our community have the ability to succeed by providing much needed school supplies!


CityPacks NFTs collections make on-chain fundraising easy and fun, combining art, utility, and perpetual royalties, maximizing donations, to achieve long-lasting, sustainable outcomes.

What is a CityPacks?

CityPacks NFTs are packed with the mechanisms for funding and building educational resources to empower public school students today and develop the foundation to thrive in the blockchain world of tomorrow.

CityPacks 001 is our first collection consisting of 1,500 of 3D illustrated backpacks NFTs for benefiting the Miami-Dade public school students through FNEI.

Each NFT is unique living on the blockchain - bridging the gap between collectibles and community empowerment, increasing access to educational resources for hundreds of thousands of public school students in Miami-Dade County.

FNEI - Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc., a 501c Non-Profit supporting our students and community!

How can I mint a CityPack?

Visit our marketplace You will be redirected to our minting page & from there you can mint as many CityPacks as you’d like.

What desktop wallet do I use to mint CityPacks?

We would also recommend the Hiro Wallet, it is a safe way to manage your STX, sign into apps, and protect your funds while interacting with smart contracts.

Can I use a mobile wallet to mint as well?

Yes! We recommend using the Xverse mobile wallet. Xverse is one of the best ways to connect to DeFi, NFTs, and other dApps (decentralized applications) built using Stacks and secured by Bitcoin.

Xverse Website to Download App -

I don’t have a wallet and/or crypto, can I still participate?

No wallet? No problem, we have prepared alternative ways for you to donate.

We want to make this process as simple as possible for all who care to support the future leaders here in Miami-Dade County. We have provided fundraising page that will redirect you to alternative ways of contributing.

We do recommend having a wallet, so you can hold the NFT and receive future benefits. If not, no worries, your contribution will be allocated all the same.

What is the cost per child for school supplies?

Kindergarten, 1st-5th grade (Elementary) = $75 Avg/Student

What do the school supplies usually consist of?

#2 Pencils, Colored pencils, Pencil sharpeners, Erasers, Pencil case, Glue sticks, Crayons, Washable markers, Watercolor paints (8 ct.), Pair of scissors (blunt-tip), Pocket folders, Ruler, Calculator, Lunchbox, Backpac,k Construction paper, Wide-ruled noteboo,k Hand sanitizer, Box of tissues.

When asked about the impact that access to free school supplies has students, educators reported the following:

  • 95%: Access to free supplies is critical to creating a more equal learning environment for students.
  • 91%: Increase in preparedness
  • 83%: Significant increase in participation
  • 78%: Significant increase in student self-esteem

How will I know for sure that the NFT proceeds actually get to Miami-Dade Public School Kids?

The great thing about the technology we are enabled by is its immutability and transparency function - with payments and distribution made on-chain, you can trace, follow and rest assured that the funds are being allocated appropriately.

You can see all of our activity in out smart contracts and follow our Twitter and Discord accounts for latest updates and off-chain activities, including documentation, pictures and transfer statements.


How does minting a CityPacks contribute to the public schools kids?

Our Mission

To improve student wellbeing Promote science and the arts Provide the tools and resources for a successful future by ensuring equal access to blockchain technology. Who for every child, many of whom would not otherwise have this breadth of opportunities.


Minting and Perpetual Royalties, best in class digital collections of superb art form, and a community of advocates and partners. NFTs for social good. Since its inception in December 2021, we have raised over $10,000 from CityPacks NFTs for FNEI Cultural Passport Program and M-DCPS STEAM Labs benefiting Miami Public School Students.


To improve student wellbeing, promote science and the arts while providing the tools and resources for a successful future, by ensuring equal access to blockchain technology, art and for every child, many of whom would not otherwise have this breadth of opportunities.


FNEI Educational Programs including: Funding the development of a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Program (K-12), The Cultural Passport Program, Mini Grants and more. Check Out the Educational Programs Here.

What utility do these CityPacks NFTs have?

Not only will you be helping to provide supplies for the students of Dade County but you will also become a member of our exciting community.

  • Curated events, online and #IRL, private discord channel, upcoming drops before the public sale, DeFi for social good platform and access our DAO dashboard.
  • Community Giveaway and Airdrops: At the end of the campaign period (Sept 30, 2022), we will run random drawings to qualified CityPacks holders, as well as, Stacks Community Giveaways for exclusive 1:1s and holders of that community NFT.
  • Is there a roadmap? Yes, from funding educational programs, to building our CityPacks DAO, Treasury, Service Guild, CityPack's Educational Hub , to building #IRL Citypacks! For details check out
  • Can I sell or trade CityPacks NFTs? Yes, You're able to sell/trade on any secondary marketplaces supporting Stacks Protocol, including:,,,, and more.

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About CityPacks

Our Mission

Develop sustainable blockchain programs to empower communities, increase access to educational resources and improve the quality of life of all students.


Educational initiatives, programs, and resources supporting public school students.


blockchain education resources to provide to all students world-class resources and incentives for a successful future in the blockchain world.


Leverage Defi yield-generating products to nourish long-term financial support, providing social impact organizations, the tools to fund and build sustainable programs.